Let us help you create a beautiful 'introduction' to your wedding with our one-of-a-kind invitations and hand-lettered envelopes, and then help you to sustain that elegant tone throughout your wedding with hand-lettered menus, programs, table and place cards, one-of-a-kind guest books and hand-lettered thank you card envelopes.  Please read our “How to prepare your guest list for the calligrapher” further down this page to help get you started.

Each item is triple proofed for accuracy before it leaves the studio.  In addition to artist calligrapher Anne Sheedy, the staff at weddingscribe.com


includes a professional editor and business manager.  When you hire us, you hire a team of professionals to insure that your wedding calligraphy arrives without error and perfectly reflects your vision for this very important part of your wedding. 

We accept PayPal, Visa and Master Card.  All payments are due upon delivery.



Inner and Outer Envelopes
  $ 4.00 per set

Outer Envelope Only
  $ 3.50

  Photo by Alex Z Photography  

Return Address
  $ 3.00

Place Cards/Escort Cards (on provided cards)
  $ 2.00

Place Cards/Escort Cards (our stock)
  $ 3.00 and up

Table Number Cards (on provided cards)
  $ 5.00

Table Number Cards (our stock)
  $ 7.00

Addition of Flourishing to above
  $1.00 to $3.00

Addition of Ornate Flourishing to above
  Request quote

Addition of hand painted flowers to above
  Request quote

Prices are for BLACK ink.
Custom matched colors are available for 25 cents more per piece.



Reply Card and Envelope

Reception Card

Return Address


Menu or Program Cover

One-of-a-kind Guest Book

Quaker Wedding Certificate
  Request quote

Ceremony Certificate (custom designed for all ceremonies and couples)
  Request quote

  Request quote

Seating Chart
  Request quote

Vows / Poetry
  $25.00 per line

Wedding Album Pages
  $5.00 per word

One-of-a-kind Heirloom Pieces
  Request quote

*Rush jobs to be delivered within two weeks of receipt of items, add 50% per piece.  Super Rush jobs to be delivered within 48 hours add 100% per piece.  All payments are due upon delivery.  PayPal, Visa, Master Card, cashier’s check and money orders are accepted.

How to prepare your guest list for the calligrapher

Please prepare your alphabetized list using at least a 12pt clear font such as Times New Roman.   Spell out all cities, states, street, roads, avenues, boulevards, lanes, courts.   Your list should have complete information, including:

Salutation: Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/Dr./Rabbi/Reverend (Academic titles such as Professor are not generally used in formal social settings).  For Military, Justices/Judges and other titles, refer to an etiquette book such as Crane's Blue Book. Titles such as "Dr." are listed first, regardless of gender.
Proper first names:
Abbreviations/nicknames are not considered appropriate for formal affairs

      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson, not Mr. & Mrs. Bob Anderson
      Street Address
      Apartment or Unit Number
      City and State (no abbreviations)
(if needed)
      Country/Postal or Zip code

Alphabetized lists should be prepared "Flush Left" in label format, 2 columns:

Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts
21 Pine Ridge Road
Woodbridge, Connecticut

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
Emma and Max

(names of children)
Photo by Rachel Reis
Numerals are usually used for street addresses; numbers 1-20 can be written out. Numbered streets can appear either way. (Crane's Blue Book)

Some street addresses are normally abbreviated such as streets in Washington DC and areas of Florida (Coast Avenue SW; Connecticut Avenue NW)

Married couples but wife retained her last name use 'and':

     Mr. Charles Dumas and Ms. Carol Price

If unmarried and residing at same address, "and" is not used.
        Mr. Joseph Palmer
        Ms. Susan Corso

The same is true for inner envelopes and escort cards.

If you are not sure of the format for a foreign address or a zip code, check online resources such as Mapquest, USPS.com or http://www.freesearching.com/zip_codes_intl.htm

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