“I had so carefully picked out an invitation and I was nervous that the calligraphy would not be as perfect as the invitations I loved so much.  Luckily for me, I met you, Anne. You recreated to perfection the exact look I wanted for my envelopes, and they matched the lettering I had chosen in our invitation to a tee.  My only regret is that I did not think to have you prepare the invitations themselves!  There is truth to the theory that the envelope to the wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding, and your work struck the exact chord we wanted.  Anne, your work was so beautiful, thorough and professional …


You were not only a calming force in the wedding planning process, but I learned so much about a subject that I had never really known anything about: the art of calligraphy.  It was truly a pleasure working with you. The table numbers and seating chart were spectacular works of art.  Your sense of elegance and understanding of how I wanted everything to look truly helped us create the wedding of our dreams.  I am thrilled that you will begin work on our heirloom piece so that we will have a beautiful memento of the people who were at our wedding.  I would highly recommend you as a calligrapher not only for weddings, but for any occasion that someone wants to be remembered in a special and significant way.”

Anne Sheedy did a first rate job for us - she was greatly helpful and fully sensitive to our particular (and slightly off-center) needs. Her work - aside from being pleasing to the eye - was done accurately and on time. And all the way through Anne was a great pleasure to work with - not to mention being a welcome calming influence.”
Michael Lonergan, NYC

“Now that all the wedding “stuff” is over, David and I have had time to frame and mount our Ketubah. It looks fantastic (and I will send you a picture)!! We are very pleased at the way it turned out and all the special details you included in creating our gorgeous Ketubah! You really captured what was important to us both and the overall feeling we were looking to portray. I just printed out all the particulars you included in making it. David and I are going to put that on the back of the Ketubah so we have all your finer points to remember it by. I hope you are well and continue to create one-of-a-kind beautiful memories for others for many years to come. Kindest regards and many thanks, Anne…”

“Thanks, Anne, for taking our family coats of arms, one from Spain and the other from Ireland, and making the most amazing seating chart for our wedding reception with the coats of arms both at the top. Everyone was blown away by the art work and all the careful detailing. We think back at those meetings with you and how you really took in everything we wanted, sketching out the perfect design right there. Also, the guest book was another work of art. We like the fact that it's one-of-a-kind. Working with you was great, Anne. Thanks again.”
Clare & Frank Vazquez, NY

“The care with which you addressed the envelopes for my wedding invitations and thank you letters is especially appreciated because the envelopes in both cases were not your typical ivory stock; your elegant calligraphy in glossy black ink on deep blood red silk textured envelopes made the perfect first impression and reflected my wishes exactly. I look forward to having you address our Christmas cards, Anne, and for all future celebrations!”



We just wanted to say “thanks” for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding invitations.  Both Tiffany and I were ecstatic over how creative and original our invitations looked. We were fortunate to find a calligrapher such as yourself. In addition to the creative work you did for us, we also wanted to thank you for your professional business practices and for being so flexible.  When you are trying to plan your own wedding, the importance of having a great calligrapher to work with should never be under estimated! Good luck as your business continues to grow – I am now trying to think of what else I can have hand lettered so we can work together again!”

“The 25th anniversary gift that I commissioned from you could not have turned out better. It is hard to believe that my wife's and my intertwined initials could turn into a work of art, but in your hands they have. In their elegance, they stand for what we would like our quarter-century together to represent. Now we'll have to live up to the monogram! But, seriously, as you know, I was anxious to find a gift that my wife would recognize expressed the value that I put on our years together. I trusted you to design and execute such a symbol. The result is exquisite, the artistry immaculate, the lettering elegant, the overlapping blue and gold initials on gray background somehow transcending masculine and feminine tastes. Not only did my wife love it, but our college senior, on a brief visit home, noticed it immediately and was full of praise. Thank you, Anne.”
JAMES A. TOUPIN, Washington, D.C.

“When my siblings and I commissioned Anne to create a gift honoring our parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, all we asked was that she incorporate a Celtic Cross and an Irish Wedding Blessing into it.  What we presented to our parents far exceeded any expectations any of us had.  Anne used our mother's favorite colors, the sketches she had done in Ireland and Scotland and amazing gold leaf touches to create a work of art that our parents now display proudly in their home.  We've asked her to do a Family Tree for their 50th Wedding Anniversary and know that it will be perfect.”


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